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Dash Panel Upgrade> Pricing

Standard Kit, diesel or petrol tacho  £250

comprising: 1x dash upgrade, 1x set fixings, 1x set connectors

Dash with MFA option, add £15

CV-joint based speed sender (2wd or 4wd), add £35  * or *

Syncro front-diff based speed sender adapter (4wd only) add £TBA

(NB. Requires VW distance sender, Mk3 Golf 357919149)

Rebate for customer-supplied unit, subject to suitability, less £15

Optional components

OBD port assembly  £12

Immobiliser key reader harness  £10

(NB. Requires suitable VW key reader coil from Passat 97> or Golf 98>)

MFA switch harness, CE1 plug  £12

MFA switch harness, CE2 plug  £12

(NB. Constructors with donor harnesses to hand are recommended to build their own harness assemblies using the connectors & info provided with the upgrade kit.)