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Syncrosport offers products and services to upgrade the electrical systems of the Volkswagen Transporter, 1980-92, known as the T3, T25, Type 25, or Vanagon.

The groundbreaking Dash Panel Upgrade kit is a replacement instrument cluster, based on the VDO unit used in the Passat 97> and Golf 98>. It is designed to be compatible with the T3’s standard engines, both petrol and diesel, and also a wide range of later VW / VAG (TDI & Petrol) and Subaru engines.

Syncrosport offers an engine Harness Conversion service for VAG and Subaru engines 1992-2003, to those fitting these engines to the T3, plus any bespoke manufacture or specialist installation work, by arrangement.


Feb. 2015. T4 Dash Panel adaption and customisation service !  For those wishing to fit an enhanced dash panel to the T4 (eg. from a Golf/Bora/Passat), Syncrosport can provide the necessary EPROM customisation for the fuel gauge, adapt immo transponders, and provide other enhancements including a linear temperature gauge, lit needles etc. Email for further info.


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