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Harness Conversion

The service provides the DIY or commercial installer with an engine management system from a suitable engine donor, prepared for installation into a VW T3. Donors currently include VAG/VW (inc. TDI,GTI,AGG,2E,1.8T) and Subaru 1992-2003 (inc. EJ20,EJ25,EZ30,SVX).

You provide me with a complete harness as removed from the donor vehicle, and you receive the harness stripped back to just those components required, and modified to suit installation into the T3. All extra components used will be to OEM quality, where practicable wiring will use the correct colours as per the original harness. All work is done using factory workshop manuals and data.

In addition, Syncrosport can repair, modify or manufacture other harnesses, for example front and rear lighting harnesses are often candidates for repairs.

Please email at the address below if you wish to discuss your requirements.