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Dash Panel Upgrade

A groundbreaking product which includes several innovative and unique features. Call it what you will, if your T3 instrument cluster / dash panel / dashboard / kombiinstrument / cockpit / tacho is faulty, you are in trouble. The upgrade kit is a DIY-install ultimate solution. Ideal if fitting a later engine, including VAG petrol and TDI, and even Subaru *. Also great for those just wanting to update their van with cool blue gauges !

The upgrade kit is a single assembly, comprising a modified VW dash panel, clear polycarbonate cover, powder-coated steel mounting bracket, and an interface board which provides a highly plug-and-play solution.

It uses the standard T3 dash panel plugs for most of the required connections, and a choice of electric speed senders, either CV-joint fitting or 4wd front diff. It comes complete with fixings, electrical connectors and printed instructions.

The interface board provides many connections for optional components, including diagnostic port, MFA trip computer stalk, immobiliser key reader, and ambient temperature sender. Each optional component has a dedicated connector, making for straightforward and tidy installation. For further details please refer to the features page, and downloadable documents in the documentation section.

In order to fit the upgrade, the lighting and hazard warning switches must be re-located. The parts required are readily available new or used, and the installation is detailed in the installation guide.

The upgrade kit is based on ‘upcycled’ UK-market VDO dash units, which are QC tested then have EEPROM modifications to correct the fuel and temperature gauges. These vary in specification and availability, therefore the upgrade kit does also. Please check the current stock page for current availability information.

* Should work with other engines, if interested please email (address below).